Steinmühle International School

Steinmühle International School offers students an internationally oriented school education. Thereby the Steinmühle continues to uphold its expertise in international teaching already implemented in the Steinmühle Bilingual Primary School. We persist in developing these standards to ensure high-quality international secondary education. Pupils at the Steinmühle International School can take their IGCSE (International Certificate of Secondary Education) exams for the first time in 2027/28 (Grade 10).

Target groups

Our International School aims to focus on the following pupils:

  1. Pupils from abroad who wish to develop their language skills in English and German and who wish to meet the requirements of both the German school system in the state of Hesse, as well as international standards.
  2. Pupils whose parents are planning a lengthy work-related post abroad in the foreseeable future or who are otherwise involved in an international setting.
  3. Pupils who have attended an international or bilingual primary school.
  4. Pupils who are interested in learning languages and already have basic German and English language skills (language level at least A1).

Enrolment in our school will be limited to one class per grade with 2o to 22 pupils each.

Language of instruction

Initially, all lessons in the Steinmühle International School will be taught in English and German, heightening our pupils’ awareness of the target language as well as their mother tongue. In contrast to Steinmühle Bilingual Primary School, English will be increasingly used in the international subjects, thus enabling pupils to successfully accomplish their international IGCSE graduation. All the while, pupils will achieve the necessary requirements in the German language ensuring a seamless transition to German senior classes after graduation, thereby establishing the foundation for the Hesse International Abitur.